What we do

FinCo Fuel is one of the front runners in the distribution and supply of sustainable fuels. Thanks to our knowledge, years of experience and a solid system, we serve a large part of the Northwest European market and about 25% of all inland transport in the Netherlands.

Our success factor? Apart from attracting the right people in the right places, security of supply towards our customers is of great importance. In order to realise a cleaner future, we are actively focusing on reducing our own CO2 emissions and increasing the share of low-carbon fuels in our product portfolio. In this way, we are also helping others to make a better world.

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FinCo Fuel and BP entered into a unique partnership in the Netherlands with mutual supply and exchanges of road- and bio fuels across the country
Robert Ante
Supply Coordination Manager Northwest Europe


FinCo Fuel will make just over a third of its total product stream sustainable in the next ten years. Besides the most common fuels, we supply a wide range of sustainable fuels, including ChangeXL, ChangeTL, Bio Marine Fuel and HVO and FAME blends.


FinCo Fuel Group consists of a widespread network of companies: GoodFuels, Licorne Fuel, Dalergy Group and Gulf Bunkering. Our company is based in the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland. With access to 27 terminals, we have a large share of the Northwest European fuel market and are a key player in the provision of low-carbon fuels and biofuels. In autumn 2018, FinCo Fuel set up in Germany. FinCo Energie GmbH maintains offices in Hamburg and Hannover. Our German colleagues are focusing on strengthening the business and increasing volumes, so that sustainable solutions can also be quickly initiated here.

Our geographical portfolio


  • Gasoline
  • Diesel
  • ChangeXL
  • Biodiesel
  • Ethanol
  • Marine Gasoil

Jeroen Etman
T +31 88 021 51 32
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Most of our customers are interested in sustainable solutions. But they also want to know how they can continue to exist. Everything we do is based on personal contact. For us, that is the most important thing.
Thomas Johannsen
Managing Director FinCo Energie GmbH