Worldwide the energy sector is facing the greatest challenge ever. On the one hand, energy demand is growing, on the other hand, greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced. Making the transport sector more sustainable should contribute significantly to staying within the remaining carbon budget.

FinCo Fuel wants to play a pioneering role in this. With the starting point ‘Why wait for change, start today we have started to reduce CO2 of both our products and processes and to accelerate reducing the greenhouse gas emissons of our society.

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Liquid fuels will continue to play an important role in transport until 2040. After that it will change, that’s for sure. So yes, you have to invest in electric cars, wind energy and hydrogen. But until then, we can still do a lot of good work with our volume.
Bart-Willem ten Cate
Manager Renewables Strategy & Development

FinCo Fuel Group has a Renewables team, which is responsible for implementing the sustainability strategy within the company with projects aimed at developing low-carbon (bio)fuels.

At this moment almost a quarter of the inland Dutch fuel market flows through the FinCo system. As a front runner, FinCo Fuel aims to reduce CO2 by an additional 10 percent on top of the European Renewable Energy Directive (FQD). FinCo Fuel will make just over a third of our total energy flow sustainable in the next ten years.

Our sustainable energy mix consists of biofuels, such as ethanol, FAME and HVO, as well as other low-carbon fuels, such as fuels from non-recyclable waste plastics, biomass-to-liquid (BTL), ChangeTL, a combination of GTL and FAME, and ChangeXL, a fuel improver based on enzymes. We also closely follow innovations in the development of renewable liquid alternatives.

A cleaner fuel improver for all sectors, based on the effects of natural enzymes (also known as biocatalysts). The enzyme concentrate ensures a molecular change in the fuel, leading to faster and better combustion, with fewer emissions. In addition, the use of ChangeXL reduces the maintenance costs of tanks and engines due to its cleansing effect.

ChangeTL, a unique combination of GTL, FAME and natural enzymes, reduces CO2 emissions by 16%. In addition, both NOx and particulate matter emissions are significantly reduced through the use of ChangeTL.

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We decided to use ChangeXL, an enzyme fuel technology, for all our vessels operating in continental Europe. This product enables us to reduce our environmental footprint by decreasing 6% CO2 next to a reduction of 11% NOx. This provides us a more ecologically conscious service to our clients
Dennis Beintema
CFO van Glomar Ship Management

Sustainable projects

Our sustainability strategy is not only embedded in our products. The projects we develop and our partnerships also support our sustainability goals.

GoodShipping programme
In 2019, FinCo Fuel took a majority stake in GoodNRG, parent company of GoodFuels, a Dutch pioneer in renewable fuels and a crucial partner when it comes to sustainable shipping. The GoodShipping programme offers companies a convenient solution for making their ocean freight sustainable by replacing heavy fuel oil with advanced renewable fuels.

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ACE One Energy System van African Clean Energy
FinCo Fuel supports African Clean Energy (ACE). ACE produces and sells hybrid cookers, the ACE One, which run on solar energy and waste streams. You can also connect a telephone or a light to it. Apart from CO2 reduction, this project provides a safer living environment and employment. Moreover, the cooperation between FinCo Fuel and ACE stimulates the use of sustainable wood pellets in cookstoves.

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CO2-Performance Ladder

To map the CO2 footprint of our own processes and to reduce emissions, we use the CO2 Performance Ladder. We are the first sustainable fuels company to be certified at Level 3 of this CO2 Performance Ladder. This means that we have developed a working CO2 management system for our own organisation and projects, which will be assessed annually for ambitions, reduction and continuous improvement. We aim to reduce our CO2-emissions of 12,358 tonnes by 30% within 3 years for which we have set up an ambitious programme to achieve this.

View the results of the CO2-Performance Ladder here:

CO2-Performance Ladder 2020
CO2-Performance Ladder first half 2020
 CO2-Performance Ladder 2019

Stars and awards

In 2014 Dalergy Group, supplier of fuels and lubricants, received a Lean and Green Star (awarded by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment). Within four years, the company managed to reduce its CO2-emissions by 22 percent.

In 2017, Gulf Nederland received the Lean and Green Award, intended for companies that set themselves the goal of achieving a 20 percent reduction in CO2-emissions within five years.