Press release | Dordrecht, february 1, 2016

Partnership Tamoil Netherlands – FinCo

Tamoil Netherlands and FinCo both strongly reinforce their positions by a stong cooperation. The cooperation is twofold.

Tamoil finco

On the one hand it is a long-term rental agreement between Tamoil and FinCo whereby Tamoil leases their terminal Ruischerbrug (Groningen) to FinCo. Next to the rental of the Ruischerbrug terminal, FinCo owns a storage terminal in Groningen named FinCo Terminal Groningen (FTG). FinCo will use the Ruischerbrug location predominately for storage of diesel and gasoil. By combining both terminals FinCo creates a supply buffer for diesel and gasoil for the FinCo Terminal Groningen in case of tight diesel availability.

In addition to the above Tamoil and FinCo also agreed on a Supply-chain agreement which implies that FinCo and Tamoil in future jointly supply diesel and gasoline to the Tamoil petrol stations in the Netherlands. The aim is to create scale which will result in the further optimization across the Supply-chain for both parties.

Press release

FinCo Fuel will collaborate with Advanced Methanol Rotterdam

The advanced biofuel facility, Advanced Methanol Rotterdam (AMR), at the port of Rotterdam
Rotterdam, 20 April 2022

The advanced biofuel facility, Advanced Methanol Rotterdam (AMR), will convert non-recyclable waste into advanced methanol at the Port of Rotterdam, which will be purchased by FinCo Fuel. Advanced Methanol will achieve the CO2 emission reductions set out in the Renewable Energy Directive II (RED II) and the Fit-for-55 package.

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FinCo Fuel Group proudly introduces its newest energy carrier: Electricity

Rotterdam, 11 October 2022

Being an independent provider for sustainable energy solutions, we must quickly scale up our impact on the ongoing energy transition. Adding new energy carriers to our sustainable portfolio is important to guide our customers during their CO2-journey to decarbonisation. An energy carrier in which we see a lot of opportunities is electricity. Via our collaboration with EQUANS, international market leader in technical services, we are now able to offer various energy solutions to our customers.

Press release

FinCo Fuel Group & Gane Energy sign a strategic partnership to introduce a green methanol blend for heavy-duty engines

Joanna Hughes, Head of Commercialisation at Gane Energy and Bart-Willem ten Cate, Director Renewables Strategy and Development at FinCo Fuel Group, signing the agreement.
Rotterdam, 29 September 2022

Gane Energy selected FinCo Fuel Group as the first supplier to introduce a (green) methanol-based fuel formulation to reduce greenhouse gases and exhaust emissions. This liquid fuel, Gane Fuel, has been developed for use in new and retrofitted heavy-duty diesel engines. The partnership highlights both companies’ ambitions to deliver climate neutral fuels to meet current and new emissions regulations.

Press release

FinCo Fuel acquires XBEE dealership for Benelux

Rotterdam, 7 June 2021

FinCo Fuel has taken over the dealership for the distribution and sales of XBEE enzyme technology for the Benelux as per 1st June 2021. This acquisition fits with the ambition of FinCo Fuel to be a front runner in the transition towards low-carbon fuels.