Article | Rotterdam, 11 April 2023

Pioneering in sustainable biofuels

Why wait with the energy transition? By providing sustainable fuels that ships can already use today, GoodFuels creates momentum in the shipping industry. We strive to propel the shipping industry forward, towards a greener future.

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GoodFuels is creating momentum in the shipping industry. We provide sustainable biofuels that ships can already use today, so shipowners can make a direct difference at sea.

A lot of this kind of residual biomass streams are usually burnt as waste and used to produce heat and electricity. We upcycle these materials by turning them into transport fuels. In addition to our daily operations, supplying major shipping companies with sustainable biofuels since 2015, we are involved in multiple innovation projects. Here, we research different conversion technologies that can upgrade the waste biomass to fuels that can be used by the transport industry. Initially we focus on shipping fuels, but if it turns out that these new fuels can be used for road transportation or aviation then we also consider it a success. 


The whole process of introducing new sustainable biofuels takes time. As quality standards for biofuels in shipping did not exist when we started, we had to create them ourselves. Our Sales & Sourcing Expert at GoodFuels, Johannes Schürmann explains: "There was no market for sustainable marine biofuels (SMF) yet, when we started. So we needed to find out in practice how to determine quality and performance of our SMF. This could be quite stressful at the time, because you felt responsible for any vessel sailing on our relatively new, innovative fuels and naturally we wanted to avoid any risks. But that tension also made the early days of GoodFuels very fun and challenging." 


Because of all those practical experiences, we are now the most experienced player in the field of marine biofuels. Our name is well known, our customers trust us. That gives us a lot of strength, not just now but for the coming years too, in which, we will also be adding other energy sources to our portfolio. Are you ready to take the next sustainable step in the shipping industry? Read Johannes’ story.   


FincoEnergies: new name, same mission

Rotterdam, May 24 2023

FincoEnergies is an independent, leading provider of sustainable energy solutions. Our mission is to propel our customers’ transition towards a better world. At FincoEnergies, we focus on providing low-carbon energy and decarbonisation solutions. With these solutions, we empower our customers to calculate, reduce, inset and offset their emissions.


Time profit

Rotterdam, 23 February 2023

There are several reasons why methanol is interesting for FinCo and the markets we serve. First off: methanol is a liquid. This means that it fits perfectly into our existing logistics system. Secondly, you can make methanol from almost any residue stream you can think of, so the feedstocks are always available. In addition, methanol’s production process is relatively simple and requires relatively little energy. And because you make it from sustainable feedstocks, the product has a very low carbon footprint, with savings up to 80 to high in the 90s percent. So when we’re talking about methanol, we’re always talking about bio-methanol.


Reaching our ESG sustainability goals – FinCo has been awarded with the silver medal by EcoVadis

FinCo has been awarded with the silver medal by EcoVadis
Rotterdam, 9 May 2022

At FinCo Fuel Group, we always challenge ourselves to provide the most sufficient sustainable solutions. After all, we want to service our customers during their CO2 journey to decarbonisation. At the same time, we also look for ways to improve internally. What can we do to contribute to a better, more sustainable world?


An era of possibilities

Rotterdam, 21 July 2022

In the next few years, we must do everything in our power to reduce CO2 emissions worldwide. We want to be a symbol for the transition that alle energy companies must go through. The course has changed and our sustainable product portfolio is transforming rapidly. We have the people, the resources and the innovate power to make a difference and contribute to a more sustainable world. But we can’t do this alone.