Article | Epe, 18 February 2021

Hydrogen available on own business premises through cooperation between Dalergy Group and Twinning Energy

Dalergy Group and Twinning Energy start a partnership in the field of hydrogen. Dalergy Group, whose clients include Dalhuisen Olie and Gulf Nederland, is taking 'a step towards making hydrogen more accessible as a fuel'. The two parties will jointly offer hydrogen to companies with a (home) refuelling installation.
 Hydrogen available on own business premises through cooperation between Dalergy Group and Twinning Energy

The focus on companies with their own refueling facilities ensures, according to Dalergy Group and Twinning Energy, that hydrogen becomes widely available to companies that consume large amounts of fuel, such as transportation, agricultural and construction companies. Twinning Energy is able to meet an increasing demand for hydrogen solutions by entrepreneurs through the collaboration. According to the company, hydrogen is an "indispensable link" in the mix of sustainable fuels and its position is strengthened by the cooperation.

Peter Dalhuisen sees the agreement as a valuable move. "We want to be a frontrunner in offering a portfolio of energy types with a lower CO2 footprint. Our partnership with Twinning Energy adds hydrogen to Dalergy Group's increasingly extensive range of alternative energy types that actually contribute to a lower CO2 footprint and have proven technology", says the managing director.

Hydrogen is an addition to other more sustainable fuels Dalergy Group from Epe offers, such as HVO, biodiesel (FAME) and ethanol. "Sustainability plays an increasingly important role in obtaining contracts, which is why sustainable fuels are also becoming more important", Dalhuisen says.

According to Wim Peels, general manager of Twinning Energy, the demand from customers for hydrogen solutions is increasing, for example in the form of a compact filling station or the production of hydrogen at their own company. "We want to ensure that companies can immediately get started with sustainable entrepreneurship and we are convinced that together with Dalergy Group we can serve entrepreneurs in the total more sustainable energy mix."

Dalergy Group, formerly Dalhuisen Group, offers fuels, lubricants and related services. Twinning Energy supplies so-called hydrogen solutions in the Netherlands, including hydrogen tanks. The Maarn-based company develops emission-neutral energy concepts with the aim of achieving the climate targets.

Press release

FinCo Fuel and African Clean Energy start a three-year partnership

Rotterdam, 15 september 2020

The Dutch FinCo Fuel Group has started a three-year collaboration with African Clean Energy (ACE) around their smart cooker ACE One. The collaboration stems from FinCo Fuel's objective to make its own business activities CO2-neutral. FinCo Fuel invests both resources and knowledge in ACE. The two parties are also working together to make the results of the ACE One more measurable, so that more partners can be involved in the project.

Press release

FinCo Fuel moves to Rotterdam

Dordrecht, 29 may 2020

Due to the growth in activities and the number of employees, FinCo Fuel will move to a more spacious office at K.P. van der Mandelelaan 120 in Rotterdam as of 1 June 2020.

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Dutch Ministry of Defence is going greener with new sustainable FinCo fuels

Dordrecht, 10 april 2020

Dutch Ministry of Defence must and wants to become greener. The dependence on fossil fuel is reduced and the percentage of renewable energy increases. By adding biofuel to road diesel, Dutch Ministry of Defence is taking a major step in making its transport operations more sustainable. Starting April, the Dutch Defence fuel pumps will be giving synthetically produced sustainable diesel.

Annual report

Annual report 2019

Finco office
Rotterdam, 1 march 2020

FinCo Fuel's Annual Report 2019 not only provides an overview of FinCo Fuel Group's results and key developments for the year 2019.