FinCo Fuel is an independent fuel supplier. We serve a large part of the Northwest European energy market on a daily basis. We believe in sustainable solutions for a clean future. A future full of opportunities that starts now. That is why we are increasing the share of renewable and low-carbon fuels in our product portfolio and reduce our CO2 emissions. With our increasingly clean applications, we offer our customers sustainable, responsible growth. Not next week, not tomorrow, but today.


The coming years will be marked by the energy transition. As a major fuel supplier, FinCo Fuel is in a position to make a major contribution to the transition to low-carbon fuels. That is why we want to take the lead and reduce CO2 emissions by 10 percent more than legally required. Moreover, we put our own processes under a magnifying glass. Our aim is to operate in a CO2-neutral manner. Our first step towards achieving this is to reduce CO2 emissions from our business processes by 30 per cent within three years.

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Who we are

The combination of expertise, flexibility and creative thinking means that we seize opportunities with both hands. That’s how we make the difference, and that’s how we maintain our growth. Because at heart we will always be entrepreneurs.

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Facts and figures FinCo Fuel Group 2020

Omzet icoon
1,7 billion
Volume icoon
4,0 million m³
co2-besparing icoon
290.000 ton
Medewerkers icoon
Number of employees
180 FTE
Locaties icoon
Product locations
27 terminals
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Everything we do, we do in top gear, taking our customers with us in the energy transition.
Pieter Peeters
Board of Directors FinCo Fuel Group

Network and locations

FinCo Fuel Group consists of a widespread network of companies, namely Gulf Bunkering, GoodFuels, Licorne Fuel, Dalergy Group and Gulf Netherlands. Our business is based in the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland. With access to 27 terminals, we serve a large part of the Northwest European fuel market and are a major player in delivering of various low-carbon fuels and biofuels.

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Without biofuels, 2030 climate targets remain an illusion

Bart-Willem ten Cate from FinCo Fuel gives a glance at the various election programs of 2021. Without biofuels, 2030 climate targets remain an illusion
Rotterdam, 12 March 2021

A glance at the various election programs offers little hope for the time being when it comes to sufficiently reducing CO2-emissions. Despite all the good intentions, the climate objectives remain far out of sight. Not for nothing did European government leaders make stricter agreements at the end of last year: emissions must be reduced by 55 percent in 2030 compared to 1990. The greatest gains can be made in the mobility sector, which is the only sector in Europe where emissions have risen since that base year. Clear policies on the use of renewable fuels are crucial for this.

GoodFuels: ‘Looking ahead to a better year’

Goodshipping better world
Amsterdam, 25 February 2021

The CEO of GoodFuels has outlined how the company will be “building back from COVID-19” in the 12 months ahead with “sustainability in its sights”. He said: “In 2020, many experts predicted that decarbonisation efforts would be delayed, suspended or entirely abandoned as the entire shipping sector faced one of its biggest challenges in history – the coronavirus outbreak.

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