Alkion Terminal Amsterdam (ATA)

FinCo committed to oil storage capacity for diesel 10ppm, biodiesel and marine gasoil at the Alkion Terminal in Amsterdam (ATA).

The terminal is strategically situated within the most important Dutch shipping routes and road networks. The Alkion Terminal Amsterdam has a wide variety of tanks divided across three tank pits.

The total storage capacity that FinCo has access to is approximately 30.000 cubic meters divided over 7 tanks.

A large part of the storage capacity is fitted with an advanced system to blend middle distillates products.
Alkion Terminal Amsterdam has an extensive infrastructure, which means that various kinds of transport can be facilitated. The terminal is equipped with 3 jetties which provide space for loading and unloading of barges and seagoing vessels.

FinCo offers its customers the possibility to load trucks at the terminal.

ATA is part of Alkion Terminals which owns and operates a network of 10 terminals for the storage of oil products and petrochemicals in Europe. More information about Alkion at