Supply & Trading Benelux

FinCo Supply & Trading is responsible for supply, sales and risk management within the organisation. In order to build up a thorough and independent supply structure, FinCo concludes term and spot contracts with various oil producers and international trading companies in the ARA (Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp) region.

FinCo is in a position to import oil- and biofuel products from producers in Europe, Russia, the United States and beyond via 2 storage terminals in Amsterdam (Alkion Terminal Amsterdam and Zenith Energy Amsterdam).

The supply and blending of sustainable biofuels which comply with the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) is an important part of our activities. We will strongly focus on biofuels the coming years in order to ensure a further reduction of CO2 emissions.

FinCo Supply & Trading offers clients the option of loading gasoline, diesel and marine gasoil (MGO) by barge and truck at the terminals Alkion Terminal Amsterdam and Zenith Energy Amsterdam.