FinCo starts HVO diesel sales

Dordrecht, april 11, 2018

As of March 29 FinCo has started the sales of synthetic diesel, also known as HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil). HVO is a high quality advanced biofuel, produced from the most sustainable feedstocks.

Next to the recent introduction of FinCo ChangeXL fuels (based on the use of the most advanced enzyme technology), we are expanding our sustainable product range with renewable HVO diesel. Like ChangeXL, low carbon HVO diesel fits perfectly in the transition a to lower-carbon energy system. Both products have their own sustainability and pricing characteristics.

FinCo, as an independent product supplier and logistics service provider, aims to be front-runner in the market of sustainable fuels. "HVO is the ultimate fuel of the future". HVO delivers excellent performance, especially in terms of CO2 and local emissions reduction. Sustainability is guaranteed as this advanced biofuel is produced from waste and residues that are not in competition with food chains. In addition, HVO diesel has a superior product quality.

FinCo delivers HVO diesel blend with both 11% and 20% HVO. Furthermore there is also a Change XL HVO diesel available for those customers requiring the ultimate sustainability performance.

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HVO Diesel